Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is your Heart full of?

Would it surprise you to know that whatever your heart is full of will come out your lips?

This is some of what I learned this week in my bible study. "Pursuing More of Jesus."

What do you feel passionate about? Is it your children? Your spouse? Material things? What is it that you feel deeply about? Think about it and ask God, "What is my heart full of?" Because whatever you feel deeply about, you are able to open your mouth and speak about it without any training, experience etc. Why are our hearts not full of Jesus? Are we Christ-centered? Or are we self-centered?

I find myself living by what feels good at the time, and seeing what I can get by with, you know like a lazy christian? The kind that wants all the benefits without putting the hard work into it or the sacrifice. I even look for happiness in temporary, superficial things. Think about this for a minute. Happiness is circumstantial, but commeth from the Lord!

Do you ever sit and think about your future, or eternity? Why is it that we are living in a world that everything is instant gratification? This world's pace is so fast that who has time for prayer, bible study, or God. Some people go to church ocassionally on Sunday, because they are so tired and worn out from the pace of this world. And they consider Sunday the only day to be home and relax. We can't walk at the world's pace and walk with God at the same time! If we truly love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love our neighbor as ourselves then we wouldn't be preoccupied with our own circumstances!

Do you long to blend in? I know I do. I actually have a costume closet with different masks for different people!! (lol) just kidding. But I do feel like that sometimes. I have had to ask myself all of these hard questions this week. This was not an easy ride with God and it certainly wasn't pretty. I have always wanted to fit in. Not stand out in the crowd, but to blend. I have never wanted anyone to think I was weird! But God is showing me that in order to work for Him that we have to stand out in the crowd. If we are not separeted from this world; we will be shaped into the world's mold. Let us not forget that if we choose to separate ourselves from the world that the world will resent us for it. Look at John 15:19 "If you belonged to the world, it would love you as it's own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you."
Hates you? I know this to be so true. The minute we go out into the world and start proclaiming who Jesus is...that is the minute that we will be labeled as a "bible thumper", "religious person", or "extreme fanatical". Let me ask this very hard question that I have already asked myself: Do your friends, family , and co-workers see a difference in you and your life? What are your activities? Your habits? Your choices in movies? Your choices in the music you listen to. Your choices in what you wear? Do they even know that you are a Christian? I find myself even in women's ministry worrying so much about offending someone, even to the point that I water down or try to minimize the differences between me and them. How sad! I need COURAGE from Jesus. I need courage from Him to stand out in a crowd! Think about it, Jesus stood out in the crowd for what His heart was full of and His lips proclaimed what was in His heart. And in return they didn't just persecute Jesus for being different, but they CRUCIFIED Him.

We have to stop conforming to this world. We have a purpose in our life. We are to proclaim who Jesus is to everyone we come in contact with. Not only should it come from our lips but it should show in our everyday lives. Throw the costumes away, stop trying to blend in. Pray for courage from God to stand out to be different. Not to be of this world BUT to start thinking of eternity.

Thank you Jesus for showing us that we are being molded into this world, and oh how we don't want that. Thank you for reminding us that this world is only our temporary home that provides only temporary happiness. We long for our hearts to be full of you. Give us the strength to speak up Father for you and not worry what people think of us. Let us be worried what You think about us! Father give us more of You in our hearts. We praise You and love You.

Praying for God to fill my heart with Him,