Friday, April 9, 2010

So, yesterday I got to see my husband's grandfather, who is 89 years old. He is almost blind in both of his eyes and can only see you, as he describes it, through a cloud (which may not be so bad sometimes). A couple days before that I got to visit my father, who is 76 years old and can hardly get out of his chair to walk because of a blood clot that has now formed in his leg.
(pic of PaPop and the kids)
These two individuals are getting old, and along with it comes some hard times and hard things to have to face. My dad never sat still. He was always outside rambling the woods. Don's grandfather was always traveling, and he mentioned yesterday that it had been 8 years since he has driven a car.
Why do we get stopped in our tracks sometimes? Why do we get the things that are so important to us taken away from one week to the next? One year we find ourselves living life to the fullest and the next we look around and we are no longer living that same type of life.

(pic of me and my dad)
I think we need to look around today and see where we are heading. I'm not talking about these two men now. I'm just taking a look at something physical and trying to make sense of it spiritually for my own sake. What kind of life are we living for Him? Are we too busy doing our own thing that we can't see what's right in front of our eyes? Let's not get so caught up in the things of this world and the works we are doing that we miss the one thing that God has planned for us.

Robbie mentioned that we asked God to slam the door shut on the speaking engagement if it were not His will. But, wait....what IS His will. We have begged Him to use us, and then when He tries, we freeze up and run away from it like dogs with our tails tucked between our legs. We run, looking back and screaming, "Lord, shut the door if you don't want us to do this." He's looking down going, "What? What did they just say?"

God doesn't know what to do with the Yahweh Sisters sometimes. I know He has to be sitting up there on that throne laughing at us.

We have to start truly being used by the Father because we never know when things are going to stop in their tracks for us. Everyday we get another day older. Even though we grow older and have some ailments that slow us down sometimes, it doesn't mean we can't continue to be used by the Father. My dad continues to bless others with his wisdom.

Let's not wait until we get slowed down to move forward with God.

"Lord, today I ask for your hand to rest upon our lives. I ask that you open our eyes to see clearer the direction that you have for us to go in. We don't have to see the whole picture, even though, we will look if you want to show it to us, but we want to see us moving in the right direction. Draw us closer to your side today Lord and direct us in the decisions that we make and the words that we speak. Give us your grace to walk in the world around us that you have placed us in. I ask for your continued healing on my dad and on PaPop. I thank you today Lord for your mercy, your love and your forgiveness. I thank you for provision and protection over my family. You are such an amazing God and I never grow tired of being in your presence."

For Your will to be done