Saturday, April 17, 2010

I just spent an amazing afternoon with a group of women that God connected me to a few months back. God gave me a vision for some pillowcase dresses that I have seen online. I felt that God wanted me to send them to these third world countries that are so poor and in need and have orphanages and children on the streets without any clothes even on their backs. I tried to go down a few avenues but didn't get far until I met a wonderful woman that God hooked me up with (too long to explain how we met but we definitely had a spiritual connection). I shared my idea with her and had no idea that she would even be interested in what I was seeing God doing with these dresses; however, she took the idea and ran with it. She has a ministry called The Kilgoris Project that goes to help raise money for a village in Africa that her sister-in-law and brother-in-law are missionaries in.
So, we had a project day where a bunch of women got together, we advertised the event, and then we made these dresses, embellished them with different things, and they will be sold on Etsy and the proceeds will go to The Kilgoris Project and tohelping this village over there. Some of the dresses will go back with the sister-in-law (she is here for a little visit) and will actually clothe many of the children there in the village.
We made about 40 dresses in about 3 hours.
At one point one of the ladies looked at me and said, "Wow, this was your creation and your idea. Aren't you proud?". All I could say was, "No I'm not proud at all. I'm amazed at what God did with such a simple idea."
He never ever stops seeming to amaze me and WOW me with His goodness and provision and cleverness. It took a simple dress, actually made out of pillowcases, and made it something so wonderful for this small village in Africa to benefit from.
We have to look beyond what WE think can happen and see what GOD knows can happen.
We have to look around us and see what it is that God has gifted us with, what it is that we enjoy doing, what it is that we are naturally good at, and ask God to use us in that area. We are all born with some type of talent whether it is sewing, cooking, singing, talking to people, or having the most amazing smile in the world. God puts things in everyone that can be used for His kingdom.
Ask God what it is that He can use. And BE READY when He tells you what it may be more than you could have ever thought it would be....But, then again, that's just how our God does things...He speaks and things happen...Let Him speak to you.