Monday, March 1, 2010

Just want to share something I read the other night.
It comes from the book WHY? because you are anointed! by T.D. Jakes:

"Many times we pray for things, but we don't recognize or understand the answer to our prayers. Remember, in all things God has a divine process and order by which He operates everything on earth.
We ask for strength, and God sends us difficult situations to make us strong. We pray for wisdom, and God provides us with problems that provoke us to come up with solutions and develop wisdom. We ask for prosperity, and God gives us strength to work and wisdom to invent. We ask for a favor, and God gives us responsibility. A large percentage of our success is the result of our eating the bread of adversity and drinking the bitter waters of affliction.
'The genius of success is to be able to see the good that hides in every situation. As a pessimist sees obstacles in his opportunities, so an optimist sees opportunities in his obstacles.' Tribulation worketh patience."

Thank you Bishop T.D. Jakes for that middle paragraph. We ask for so much from God and don't see it when He is giving us the answer. Sometimes the answer is right there in front of our eyes, right there in the "difficult situations" and "problems" and "responsibilities". Make sure to open your eyes to what is going on around you and see if this is the answer to the prayers you've been praying.