Monday, February 1, 2010

Today one of the Yahweh sisters, Robbie, was able to meet with one of the pastors of her church. When we are going to start another bible study we do a lot of praying about which one God wants us to do. There can be a lot of "stress" on which one is the "right" one. Then there is the financial part of the video series (if there is one) that goes along with the studies. It's not easy to choose all of the time.
Now granted there are times when we know immediately what God wants us to do and then there are other times when we have no idea. So, today we got together and spent some time in the bible book store looking at different studies. There are some that look good, some that look like "meat" and some that look like "milk", some that look encouraging, some that are Holy Spirit driven, and then some that we just want to do. So which one?
Sometimes I think you just know that you know, but you analyze so many things that you double guess yourself. (Who will like it? Will they be able to keep up with it? Will they be disappointed because it's not like the past ones? Are they ready for this type of study? Is it just what WE want?)
And then, God puts people in your life like the Pastor Judi, that brings direction and encouragement in your decisions, and you realize that if you are obedient with what direction that God is taking you then all of the "other stuff" will fall into place. I think we knew what study we were supposed to do in that bible book store today, but the details worried us a bit and brought about confusion, and we know that our God is not a God of confusion.
But we prayed for God to direct us and He did. He allowed someone with a lot of biblical knowledge and expertise in this area to help guide us, to push us on in the right direction that we were headed.
Sometimes we all need a little push from wiser instruments in the Body of Christ.
God will take care of the details...We just have to be obedient to the direction that He is leading us.

So, ladies, GET READY. I believe that God is going to do some great things through this next study. I am excited and I pray that you are ready to dig into God's word.
We will be posting the name and dates of the next study soon so check back in with us.