Wednesday, February 17, 2010

" I am Hungry"

God uses the most creative ways to minister to us or to simply get our attention. A few days ago I was in a hurry; I had just picked up one son from his grandmother and needed to pick up my other two plus their friends. I had an early morning meeting and my mind was going in a hundred different ways. I was in the car, trying to listen to my nine year old, Beth Moore,on one of her CDs, plus drive in a busy city with traffic. I came to a red light. I looked ahead a saw a man with a sign that read, " I am hungry". Usually the signs read.. Will work for food, etc. This man was not on the side of the road, but walking up and down, and in between 4 lanes of traffic. What I was thinking... WOW they are getting brave, walking through the cars. The man was walking my way. One car gave money, then another. I was impatiently waiting for the light to change, to avoid him coming my way. The man in front of me held his hand out of the window as if to say stay strong, or hang in there. The light changed to green. I heard my son digging for change and trying to get the window down so that he could give the man the quarter that he had found. I quickly rolled his window up and told my son that the light was green and we had to go. The man found his way to the side of the highway and I drove on. This event has played over and over in my mind. I read books on how to raise compassionate and unselfish kids, etc. But I just missed a great opportunity to show my son humility and kindness. I am sorry for that, and pray for God to give me another chance. I also thought later that the sign read; " I am Hungry". Is he hungry for food, or simply for God, or hungry for a better life, another chance. We let so many opportunities pass us by each day to make a difference. To let others see Jesus in us. I am going to slow down and try to see the little chances God gives me. I want to be like Jesus, but as much as I want that, I want my kids to be like Jesus. Father forgive us for always being in a hurry. Help us enjoy time with family and friends. And when an opportunity comes for us to help someone in need, help us see them with your eyes. Thank you father for being patient with us.